Our Locations

Weekly Meetings

St. Andrew's United Church
St. Andrew’s United Church, in Georgetown

Our group is proudly sponsored by St. Andew’s United Church, located at 89 Mountainview Road South, Georgetown. All of our regular indoor weekly meetings take place here, and we are so very grateful for their ongoing support.

Outdoor Events

We host outdoor events at public parks and Scout camps, conveniently located in and around Georgetown. Some special events take place a little further afield, but you’ll always hear about those well in advance.

Council Camps

We are proud to have five amazing Council camps right in our backyard!

  • Blue Springs Scout Reserve (Acton)
  • Barber Scout Camp (Guelph)
  • Everton Scout Camp (Rockwood)
  • Camp Manitou (Milton)
  • Camp Mohawk (Kitchener)

Camp Vincent

North Halton area Scouts are privileged to have access to a local property bordering a creek, where we are able to have outdoor campfire meetings. Camp Vincent is located just north of Maple Avenue on the west side of 6th Line. Click here to view the location in Google Maps (opens in new window).

Camp Nemo

Camp Nemo consists of over 150 acres of varied landscape including fields, valleys, wooded and wilderness areas. Located in North Burlington at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment the camp is just minutes away from the Bruce Trail. The Bronte Creek and the much smaller Nemo Creek both pass through the camp.

Conservation Halton Parks

Located on the Niagara Escarpment, we have easy access to a rich variety of Conservation Halton Parks to suit every outdoor adventure.

  • Area 8
  • Crawford Lake
  • Hilton Falls
  • Kelso
  • Mount Nemo
  • Mountsberg
  • Rattlesnake Point
  • Robert Edmondson

Scout Shop(s)

When you need to outfit your youth with a new Uniform or need any other Scouting related resources just stop by one of the local Scout Shops. Be sure to call ahead to verify their schedule as sometimes they do vary from the website.